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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the prerequisite for establishment of an efficient occupational health and safety and industrial safety management system. While assessing the risks the company develops the scope of measures to evaluate the working conditions at the workplace, to identify harmful and hazardous production factors and to make working conditions compliant with current legislation.

The list of possible hazardous factors to be identified is varied. We distinguish five main groups of possible sources of hazards within the enterprise:

  • Physical hazards
  • Chemical hazards
  • Biological hazards
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Ergonomic, psychosocial and organisational hazards


  • Creation of efficient protective measures within the enterprise
  • Reduction of losses caused by incidents
  • Strengthening your company’s positive image vis-à-vis regulatory authorities and stakeholders
  • Increased loyalty of your business partners and increase in new customers
  • Increased work discipline and motivation of your employees, confident that they have safe workplaces

Our services

  • Analysis of the existing occupational health and safety management system
  • Inspection of the company and recording of all activities relating to the possible hazards
  • Drawing up the list of hazards
  • Risk assessment
  • Development of measures following the risk assessment
  • Supporting and monitoring the introduction of improvement measures
  • Repeated verification inspections
  • Personnel training.

To assess the risks we apply a modern European approach and many years of experience gained by the B·A·D ‒ Team Prevent Group.

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