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Document Development

It is known that in practice, company managers often only start to develop quality documentation on occupational safety after accidents and incidents have occurred and following the imposition of an order to eliminate deficiencies.

We will prepare all necessary documents on occupational safety at your company in accordance with applicable laws and with due consideration of all features and requirements of your business.

Our services

  • Occupational safety manuals for employees
  • Company regulations or standards for the organisation of occupational safety activities
  • Preparation of administrative and management documents
  • Plans for administrative and technical measures to improve working conditions and safety within the enterprise
  • Training and instruction programmes for personnel
  • Emergency localisation and response plans (ELRP)
  • Job description cards
  • Risk assessment cards
  • Safety declaration for high hazard facilities
  • High hazard equipment data sheets
  • Support in obtaining permits from the State Agency of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine (Derzhgirpromnaglyad) for the performance of high hazard activities and/or the operation of high hazard equipment

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