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First Aid

No one is immune from injury and at those times when assistance is really needed, it is important to have someone nearby who can provide it.

First aid involves simple, urgent actions to save the lives/health of injured persons in the event of accidents and sudden illness.

Life-saving first aid is provided on an urgent basis in cases where it is necessary to recover and/or save the most important vital human functions before professional help arrives.

Most people believe a medical education is needed in order to help an injured person in a situation that threatens his health/life. However, this is a crucial error of judgement as providing aid in the first minutes after a tragedy occurs can often save a person’s life! Sometimes it is sufficient to carry out just a few simple procedures before the doctor arrives or before the victim is transported to the hospital in order to save his life or prevent additional health risks.

No one expects you to act at the same level of professional competence as a healthcare practitioner, but it is important to remember that if you act with confidence and without delay using the knowledge and skills acquired on the first-aid courses, you will not cause harm to the victim but can save his life.

Our services:

Within the framework of the first-aid course we will help you:

  • To acquire the necessary skills to provide first aid
  • To practise the basic skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on modern mannequins, in accordance with European and international standards and in compliance withAHA requirements (American Heart Association)

On completion of the course you will receive a corresponding certificate. The courses are conducted by experienced licensed trainers who ensure a high level of training.

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