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SA 8000 Social responsibility

More and more companies throughout the world are aware that their commercial activities directly affect the society in which they live and that future business success is closely linked to key social values.

The international standard SA 8000 will enable you to determine the production performance of your organisation and make its activities socially responsible. This, in turn, will guarantee transparent and ethical behaviour by your company and contribute to the health and well-being of society.

Standard Target Group

The SA 8000 standard is designed for all types of organisations, regardless of type of activity, size or location. Although social responsibility primarily remains the concern of large transnational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises are also becoming increasingly involved in this process. This is mainly due to the ethical and social requirements placed on suppliers and contractors by “socially responsible” corporations.


  • Quick adaptation of your company’s social responsibility strategy to the legal, cultural or political environment
  • Efficient management of social and environmental risks specific to your business
  • Strengthening of your company’s positive image vis-à-vis regulatory authorities and stakeholders
  • Increase in competitiveness and improved access to socially responsible investment
  • Increase in loyalty on the part of your employees, business partners and an increase in new customers, who have confidence in the social responsibility of your business
  • Risk management

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ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility

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