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ISO 31000 Risk management

The recent outbreaks of new diseases, environmental disasters, man-made accidents and financial crises have demonstrated that incidents have occurred, are occurring and will occur in all their diversity both in public life and in business. There is a need for a controlled process that ensures the survival and stability of an organisation’s core activities before, during and after devastating events.

According to the research, two out of every five companies that are exposed to disaster go out of business within five years of the disaster. Ensuring business continuity in the event of a global incident or local failure is thus one of the basic requirements for any organisation. An organisation’s ability to recover after a disaster is directly related to the degree of business continuity planning that was conducted before the disaster.

The business continuity management system will allow you to reduce the likelihood of a damaging incident and improve the readiness of your organisation to quickly and appropriately respond to its causes and thereby reduce potential losses.

Standard Target Group

The ISO 22301:2012 standard is suitable for any company, regardless of size and scope. The standard is particularly important for organisations that operate in environments with a high degree of risk (e.g. the finance, telecommunications, transport and public sectors).


  • Resilience to failure
  • Increase in confidence of your customers and business partners
  • Strengthening of your company’s positive image vis-à-vis regulatory authorities and stakeholders
  • Competitive advantage in business development
  • Business optimisation through a clear understanding and transparency of processes

Our services

  • Analysis of your management system for compliance with ISO 22301
  • Development and implementation of a business continuity management system
  • Improvement of the existing business continuity management system
  • Follow-up of the certification audit procedure
  • Conduct of an internal audit and audit of your suppliers
  • Training of personnel in the business continuity management system.

Related standards

ISO 31000 Risk Management ‒ Principles and Guidelines.

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