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BRCGS Storage and Distribution. 4th Issue

The BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution reflects best practice and facilitate a process of continual improvement through well-designed risk-based product safety management systems.

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It ensures the quality and safety of products during their storage and distribution throughout the supply chain.

The Standard is specifically designed for logistics operations dealing with Food, Packaging, and Consumer Products. It is easy to understand, uses prescriptive language, and applicable for global application. It is fully flexible as operations can implement the full scope, or a scope relevant to their operation e.g. Storage only, Distribution Only, Transport Only. The storage and/or distribution operations to which the Standard is applied can be at any point in the distribution chain from primary production to retail.

A unique benefit of the Standard is that Operations can choose Additional Voluntary Modules (AVMs) that cover common current industry practice to demonstrate greater supply chain assurance. The AVMs cover e-commerce, cross-docking, wholesale, contract packing, inspection, and waste management.