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IFS Logistics version 2.2

In the start of December IFS published the new version of IFS Logistics. Standard version 2.2, which is now available in English language. Other languages will follow soon.

IFS Logistics is a Standard for auditing companies whose activities are logistics services for food and non-food products such as transport, storage, (un)loading, etc.

With this version, the IFS is going to apply for the GFSI re-benchmark procedure to guarantee that IFS Logistics remains being a GFSI benchmarked standard.

Most relevant changes from 2.1 to 2.2 are:

  • Possibility to perform IFS Logistics audits unannounced
  • New requirement in regard to food fraud
  • Slight adaptations to existing requirements
  • Inclusion of the Erratum
  • Description of Integrity Program procedure, which has been adapted to the rules valid since 1st May 2017
  • Mandatory inclusion of QR-code on the IFS certificate for being able to trace back their authenticity.

The new version comes into force mandatory from 1st June 2018, but there is a transition period starting from 1st March 2018, where companies can decide if they want to be certified either against version 2.1 or already against the new version 2.2.