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IFS Food – update of the sixth version

The IFS International Technical Committee decided to publish a modified version of IFS Food 6 in November 2017 which will include some additional requirements. This version will mainly include the current IFS Food Version April 2014, references to the current IFS Food Doctrine and in addition a new chapter 4.21 “Food Fraud”. This modified version will come into force starting from 1st June 2018. 

With IFS Food Version 6.1 November 2017 IFS will apply for the GFSI benchmarking according the new GFSI Guidance Document Version 7.1 .

IFS will continue to develop the IFS Food Version 7. It is planned to strengthen the process and product approach of IFS with IFS Food Version 7. Main topics of IFS Food Version 7 will be alignment with the new version of Codex Alimentarius, covering product integrity issues including supply chain management and focusing on packaging requirements in product development and packaging processes. 

The IFS International Technical Committee will decide about the main changes in the new version in spring or early summer 2018 and then the new IFS Food Version 7 is planned to be published at latest in the last quarter of 2018.